Buffalo Bills remain in top 3 of AFC power rankings for Week 18

Buffalo Bills
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13. Tennessee Titans (5 - 11)

The Titans lost their rookie quarterback, Will Levis during the game this past weekend and Ryan Tannehill had to step in. The Titans lost again, this time falling to the Houston Texans 26 - 3. They face the Jaguars this weekend in a game both the Texans and Colts will be watching very closely. Jacksonville should be able to take care of business, but you never know what might happen when division rivals collide.

12. Las Vegas Raiders (7 - 9)

If you're a Raiders fan, the idea of the Chiefs losing out and the Raiders winning out was a fun thought but short-lived. The Raiders fell to the Colts 23 - 20, ending Las Vegas' hopes for a division title or at least a playoff spot. Despite the poor season, I think the Raiders might have their quarterback of the future in Aiden O'Connell who has played well as a rookie but also had some rookie moments. They also found their head coach of the future, but hopefully, ownership sees that too and removes the interim tag from coach Antonio Pierce's title.

11. Denver Broncos (8 - 8)

I'm not sure what the Broncos are doing these days but it seems to me that they have given up on the season, before playing their Week 17 game against the Chargers. Regardless of what you think of Russell Wilson, his play this year hasn't been bad, and certainly better than he was a year ago. Will the Broncos take the salary cap and release him? They say they will, but we'll have to wait and see if that happens.