Buffalo Bills remain in top 3 of AFC power rankings for Week 18

Buffalo Bills
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16. Los Angeles Chargers (5 - 11)

The Los Angeles were eliminated from the playoffs a while back already and have nothing to play for. This week, they fell to the Denver Broncos 16 - 9. The Chargers will have their eye on the offseason, but the current roster will be essentially auditioning to remain on the roster next season. Most teams go through a mass turnover of their roster when a new coach and general manager come in. I'd expect this offseason to be no different for the Chargers.

15. New England Patriots (4 - 12)

The Patriots gave the Bills a run for their money but unlike the last meeting between these two teams, the Bills defense was able to seal the deal. The Patriots are similar to the Chargers, in that they are looking towards the offseason, but the difference is we don't know for sure that Bill Belichick will return or not. We've heard the rumors but until it's official, I'm not sold.

14. New York Jets (6 - 10)

The Jets rank fifth in total defense this season but they've given up 28 or more points in five of their last seven, which feels like maybe the players have thrown in the towel on the season. Is that an indictment on Coach Saleh? Two seasons into his tenure and the Jets haven't won more than seven games. Also, the team lost six straight last season to close out the year and this year 2 - 7 over their last nine. Should Coach Saleh be on the hot seat?