3 moves the Buffalo Bills may regret from 2023 offseason

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Jeff Zelevansky/GettyImages
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Heading into this offseason, the Buffalo Bills went in with uncertainty. They had just come off a brutal playoff loss against the Cincinnati Bengals, their cap space was limited, and they were set to lose some impactful players. General manager Brandon Beane has had a history of making the impossible work, but that was not so certain this offseason going into it. 

The first official move the Bills made to kick off the offseason was signing former Chiefs’ safety Zayne Anderson to a two-year deal. Then it was followed by a contract extension with Matt Milano heading into the big free agency period.

As moves were being made, or not being made, the Bills may have not improved, but did not disappoint either. There were no big time Von Miller splash signings like last year, but then again there was not enough money to make that kind of signing. 

Even though the Bills were able to address some needs of their team, there are three moves that the Bills may regret from this past offseason.