Buffalo Bills rebound in Week 3 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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8. New Jersey Jets (1 - 1)

It's unfortunate for the Jets what happened with Aaron Rodgers but that's the game. The Jets aren't going to scare anyone with Zach Wilson at the helm and their defense wasn't impressive against the Cowboys. Even last week against the Bills, if not for those four turnovers handed to them, the Bills likely would have put up a fair number of points as well. Still, until we have a little larger sample, I'll give the Jets credit and keep them in the top ten in the AFC.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (0 - 2)

There were tons of team rankings heading into the NFL season and the Bengals were one or two in just about every one of those rankings. Well, here we are two games into the season and the Bengals are suddenly entering must-win territory. Teams that start the season 0 - 3 historically have nearly impossible odds of making the playoffs. Since 1979, only six teams that started 0 - 3 made it. Fortunately for them, they will be hosting another winless team with the Los Angeles Rams, but the Rams currently have the number two ranked offense. This won't be an easy game for the Bengals.

6. Cleveland Browns (1 - 1)

A lot of NFL fans are rooting against the Cleveland Browns because of Deshaun Watson but regardless, you can't root against Nick Chubb and his latest knee injury appeared devastating. I hope he can make a full recovery. However, without Chubb, the Browns offense won't be much to write home about. Their defense is solid but, in this league, you have to have offense and they don't. I have a feeling this team is going to fall in these rankings over the next few weeks.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (1 - 1)

The Jaguars battled with the Chiefs and losing by only eight points is respectable; however, when compiled with last week's performance against the Colts, I am beginning to question if the Jaguars are as good as we thought they would be. I know they beat the Colts, but Indianapolis was hanging around in that game and even leading late as well. Maybe the Colts are a better team than we are giving them credit but for now, this speaks more to lackluster performances from the Jags.