Buffalo Bills rebound in Week 3 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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16. Denver Broncos (0 - 2)

The Denver Broncos are simply not a good football team. At moments Russell Wilson has played like the same quarterback we saw at Seattle but he's still not the same. The Broncos blew a 21 - 14 halftime lead and almost got to overtime but failed on a two-point conversion. Add this to the fact they lost last week to the Raiders who were just decimated by 28 points, which tells me the Broncos might be one of the worst teams in the league again.

15. Houston Texans (0 - 2)

The Houston Texans lost again but C.J. Stroud looks to be promising. He's played well through two weeks of the season, and Tank Dell had a terrific game as well. I think this team is headed in the right direction, but they still have a way to go. They only won three games last season, but I think they will win more this season and won't be considered one of the worst teams in 2023.

14. Las Vegas Raiders (1 - 1)

Wow, talk about a team coming back down to earth. After a Week One win against the Broncos and the way the Bills dropped their game against the Jets last week, it seemed the Raiders might put up a fight in this one but it was exactly the opposite. The Raiders showed exactly why most believe the Raiders to be bottom feeders in the AFC and as long as Coach McDaniels remains, the Raiders will continue towards the cellar of the AFC West.

13. Indianapolis Colts (1 - 1)

The Colts battled against the Jaguars a week ago and remained in the fight until late when the Jags pulled ahead. This week, the Colts won a game they were expected to win but they lost Anthony Richardson midway through the game. Still, the Colts held the lead and were never in danger against the Texans. Indianapolis will be severely tested this week when they face off against the Baltimore Ravens.