Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons to like Ed Oliver's extension, 1 reason to not

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A lot of guaranteed money for a player who hasn't reached his potential

The biggest downside with this contract extension is the guaranteed total of $45 million, which ranks sixth among defensive tackles according to Spotrac. It is well behind Jeffery Simmons and Daron Payne, who both are over $59 million in guaranteed money from contracts they signed this offseason, but just ahead of DeForest Buckner.

The concern is that all three of those players have been more productive than Ed Oliver recently. All three have had at least one Pro Bowl nomination in the past two years and had at least one season with eight or more sacks.

I don't think there is any question that Ed Oliver has the potential to play at the level these three have played at. However, he hasn't shown it yet but it is clear that the Buffalo Bills are confident that he can get there.

It may be a gamble, and there is no question that it could pay off. There is certainly more good than bad with this contract extension but if Ed Oliver doesn't become more consistent, it is a contract that could be an issue down the road for the Buffalo Bills.