Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons to like Ed Oliver's extension, 1 reason to not

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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When Ed Oliver is at his best, he is a difference maker

There is no denying that when Ed Oliver is playing at his best, he is almost unblockable. He has games where he is a difference-maker and can almost disrupt offenses single-handedly.

A perfect example of this was last year on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions. He had six total tackles, two tackles for a loss, one sack, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery and one safety. He will have stretches like in 2021, where he had only 0.5 sacks through the first 14 games before finishing the year with 3.5 sacks over three games.

In the past two years, Oliver has gotten better at getting pressure on quarterbacks with 14 QB hits each season during that stretch. It hasn't amounted to sacks with only 6.5 total during that stretch but putting pressure up the middle makes the job easier for the defensive ends rushing off the edge.