Ranking the Top 5 Bills quarterbacks of all time

Where does Josh Allen rank among the all-time Bills greats, this soon?

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen
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3. Joe Ferguson

Ranking number two on the Bills' all-time passing list is 1973 third-round pick, Joe Ferguson, whom the Bills drafted out of Arkansas. To begin his career, Ferguson saw his initial three seasons with the team end with winning records. Now, they might have been 9-5, 9-5 and 8-6, but winning seasons nonetheless. Bills fans will take them.

In his third season, Ferguson led the league with 25 touchdown passes. Two years later, he would go on to lead the league in attempts (457) and passing yards (2,803). However, just as natural as it could have been, Ferguson also finished as the league leader in interceptions, with 24. The irony, here, is the fact that in just the previous season, Ferguson finished with the lowest interception percentage (0.7) in all of football.

If that doesn't scream "Buffalo Bills," I don't know what does. The team has had some great talent over the years, but still hasn't had enough to win it all, when it's all said and done. Ferguson was about as sporadic a performer, over his career, as you can get.

Ferguson finished his Bills career with 27,590 passing yards, 181 touchdowns and 190 interceptions. But, even as the team's no. 2 all-time passer, he still doesn't check in at that spot on this list.