Buffalo Bills: Ranking the 5 best quarterbacks on 2023 schedule

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow
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Ranking the best quarterbacks on the Buffalo Bills 2023 schedule: No. 1, Patrick Mahomes

There's a general rule around the league right now, and that is, if Patrick Mahomes is on your schedule, he is automatically the best quarterback your team is going to face all season long. Mahomes is the reigning MVP after all, not to mention Super Bowl champion.

We are talking about a 27-year-old who has already won two MVP awards, been to three Super Bowls and won two of them. And, he didn't even start until his second season in the NFL. His pedigree speaks for itself, already, and it just so happens that the Bills are one of the few teams that have given him trouble over the years.

Mahomes is 1-2 against the Bills during the regular season of his career, and he's lost the last two against Buffalo. In his three career games against the Bills, Mahomes has thrown for 835 yards, six touchdowns and four picks.

In his last two games against Buffalo, Mahomes has had a quarterback rating of 85.2 and 70.9, so the Bills have been able to rattle him. This coming season, Mahomes and Allen will face off in Week 14, just after Buffalo's bye, and it'll be another difficult road game for the Bills.

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