Buffalo Bills: Ranking the 5 best quarterbacks on 2023 schedule

Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow
Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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Ranking the best quarterbacks on the Buffalo Bills 2023 schedule: No. 3, Jalen Hurts

Last year was quite the breakout for former Oklahoma and Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts. He saw the Philadelphia Eagles go out and do everything they possibly could to allow for his success, and it worked to perfection.

Hurts led the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl as part of a star-studded team, featuring a dominant defense and explosive offense. Hurts is, like Allen, one of the better young, dual-threat quarterbacks in the game today. It just so happens that Hurts, along with the other top three quarterbacks on Buffalo's schedule, will be at home to face Buffalo.

That's right, the Bills were given three road games against three of the league's top quarterbacks. Talk about a tough break.

Hurts has yet to play the Bills in his young career, so this should be a fun matchup between the two passers. Last season, in his breakout year, Hurts finished with over 4,400 total yards and 35 total touchdowns, combining both passing and rushing.

Fortunately for the Bills, they'll get the Eagles right before their bye week, which they're going to need based on what lies ahead following their bye. But, we'll get to that in a little bit.