Buffalo Bills: Ranking 4 biggest concerns on 2023 roster

Buffalo Bills
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1. Linebacker

Without question, the biggest concern on the Buffalo Bills roster this season has to be at middle linebacker. Similar to wide receiver, the Bills have given themselves plenty of options and the hope is that one emerge as the starter to replace Tremaine Edmunds but it isn't a guarantee.

There are three players who are the most likely candidates to replace Edmunds as the starters and that includes Terrel Bernard (last year's third round pick), Dorian Williams (this year's third round pick) and Tyrel Dodson. Among the three, Dodson is the only one to start a game on defense.

After these three, the Buffalo Bills do have Baylon Spector (who was a seventh round pick) and A.J. Klein, who is probably likely more of a veteran presence at the position and not expected to be a starter. Depending on how training camp and the preseason goes, this is one position that it wouldn't be overly surprising to see the team bring in another linebacker or two.