Buffalo Bills ranked high in the AFC after a dominant win against the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills
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8. Jacksonville Jaguars (2 - 2)

I'm not sure what to think of the Jacksonville Jaguars. One week they are getting blown out by the Houston Texans and the next week they are blowing out the Atlanta Falcons in London. I guess this makes sense though ranking them right in the middle of the AFC pack. The Jaguars have all the tools to be a very good team but haven't brought it all together this season. They will be tested this week in London against the Buffalo Bills.

7. Houston Texans (2 - 2)

Back-to-back wins by 24-plus points by the Houston Texans have gotten them right back in the discussion for the division title. There is still a lot of the season to play, but rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud has looked great and is probably the front-runner for NFL Rookie of the Year. Couple that with a solid defense and hopefully getting a healthy offensive line back together at some point, and you have a recipe to steal the division crown.

6. Indianapolis Colts (2 - 2)

With the season opener, the Colts had a lead against the Jaguars and blew it late. This past weekend, they came back in the fourth quarter to tie and send the game to overtime but ultimately lost the game. The Colts aren't too far off from being 4 - 0. This team is solid and will compete for the division title. The AFC South will be fun to watch as the season progresses, with all four teams sitting at 2 - 2.

5. Cleveland Browns (2 - 2)

The Cleveland Browns lost Nick Chubb for the season and then had to play without Deshaun Watson. The Browns were not competitive and now sit at 2 - 2. I'm not sure which direction this team will go in the coming weeks but if Watson misses any more games, this team will be exiting the playoff race very early. That's not to say there are any guarantees with Watson behind center either, it's not like he's been playing great ball, but he has the talent and could get things figured out at any time.