Buffalo Bills ranked high in the AFC after a dominant win against the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills
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12. Cincinnati Bengals (1 - 3)

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen. Where are all those Joe Burrow being the second-best quarterback in the NFL rankings? All offseason the narrative was Burrow was better than Josh Allen. Guess that aged well. Anyway, I know Burrow has been nursing an injury but so was Allen a season ago. Also, if the injury is affecting him this much, perhaps he needs to sit on the bench and get healthy. At 1 - 3, they can't do much worse with QB2 in the lineup.

11. Tennessee Titans (2 - 2)

The Tennessee Titans are starting to play a little better and dominated the Cleveland Browns this past weekend. I'm still not a fan of Tannehill and have my concerns with Derrick Henry being able to play at a high level all season. Even his play has been up and down this year. But at 2 - 2, they are still right there with the rest of this division, all of whom are 2 - 2 as well.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (2 - 2)

The Pittsburgh Steelers cannot do anything on offense and need to move on from offensive coordinator Matt Canada. The Steelers offense is bad and has been for some time and now this little piece of drama regarding Canada creating burner social media accounts. While it seems this wasn't actually happening, the fact remains, Steeler fans are done with Canada and so should the Pittsburgh Steelers.

9. Los Angeles Chargers (2 - 2)

The Los Angeles Chargers can't get out of their own way, or better yet, head coach Brandon Staley can't get out of his own way. I Watched Staley make another questionable decision that could have potentially cost the Chargers the game, but lucky for him, Asante Samuel Jr. bailed him out with a late interception and preserved the win.