Buffalo Bills ranked high in the AFC after a dominant win against the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills
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16. Denver Broncos (1 - 3)

I know the Broncos finally got their first win of the 2023 NFL season, but it was against the Chicago Bears and I jokingly, ok not really jokingly, but said this game was a battle to see who the worst team in the league is and well, now we know but the Broncos are still the worst in the AFC. Oh, and the Broncos' defense made the Bears' offense look like an actual NFL offense and not a junior high squad.

15. Las Vegas Raiders (1 - 3)

Here is the first team I referred to in the opener. The Raiders are going nowhere as long as Josh McDaniels is the head coach. It's unfortunate that talent such as Josh Jacobs, Devante Adams, and Maxx Crosby to name a few are being wasted in Las Vegas. Tom Brady put McDaniels on the map, plus this isn't the first time McDaniels failed, remember the Denver Broncos fiasco?

14. New Jersey Jets (1 - 3)

Maybe it would be different with Aaron Rodgers and this team also put up a fight against the Kansas City Chiefs but most head coaches with a 12 - 26 career record would have already been fired, regardless of the quarterback situation. I'm sure ownership will give Coach Saleh this season and probably next, just to see what he can do with Rodgers, assuming Rodgers returns healthy and can still sling it. He will be 40 by then and we still don't know if he would have been the same old Rodgers this season, let alone a year older.

13. New England Patriots (1 - 3)

Okay, Bill Belichick, it's time. With each week, he confirms that Tom Brady made him and the New England Patriots a two-decade-long dynasty, so it's time to move on and call it a career. Look don't get me wrong; I think he's a great coach, but he's not the great coach Patriots fans and others want you to believe. I'd take Bill Parcells any day over Belichick. The Patriots play good defense and that's where Belichick is great, but the offense continues to be a massive struggle for this team.