Buffalo Bills ranked high in the AFC after a dominant win against the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills
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Three of the four AFC East teams lost, which is good for the Buffalo Bills, but the Cincinnati Bengals continued their losing ways also. The Houston Texans won another big game too, this time against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Las Vegas Raiders continued losing too, but the Denver Broncos finally got a win.

How did all this affect our AFC rankings for Week Five? We'll get to that shortly, but I have to ask first: is the AFC the better conference? We've heard a lot of talk about the AFC being loaded with supremely talented quarterbacks and the NFC lacking in star power at the position. Additionally, everyone was talking up the AFC East the same way they were talking up the AFC West before last season.

I mean look, the NFC currently is home to the only two remaining undefeated teams and four other teams all sitting at 3 - 1. The AFC now has no undefeated teams, four 3 - 1 teams, and a bunch of 2 - 2 teams. My point here is the AFC seems far more top-heavy than I think was expected and some of that can be attributed to coaching.

Sorry, but there are a few teams in the AFC that need to move on from their head coaches, or in some cases a coordinator. I'll get more into that though once we start with the rankings. But ask yourself, why aren't some of these talented quarterbacks winning more and what is the common dominator with most of them? With that, let's get into the rankings.