Buffalo Bills: Another NFL star is available, should the Bills pursue?

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills have been remarkably active this offseason in the free agent market, despite what many believed to be a crippling salary cap situation. Let's remember though, the salary cap is real but Brandon Beane is a genius cap manipulator. And now there is a new superstar player available that's already been linked to the Bills.

Brandon Beane has been working his magic all offseason, accumulating excellent talent via free agency. The team lost Devin Singletary but quickly replaced him with free agent, Damien Harris, formerly of the Patriots, and also signed Latavious Murray. Do the Bills need another running back?

Dalvin Cook was released by the Minnesota Vikings and is now a free agent, available to sign with any team he desires. The Bills were linked to Cook as trade rumors swirled but now as a free agent, the Bills are free to pursue him without giving up any assets in a trade.

Should the Buffalo Bills pursue Dalvin Cook?

The answer to this question comes down to one thing and one thing only. Are the Bills truly interested in signing DeAndre Hopkins? While Beane is phenomenal with the salary cap, there is only so much even he can do. I don't believe the Bills would be able to swing a deal with both Hopkins and Cook, given what they may be asking for in terms of dollars.

If the team signs Hopkins, I don't think there will be enough money or maneuvering that would bring Dalvin to the Bills; however, one caveat to that is Dalvin's little brother, James. Maybe Dalvin would take a substantial pay cut for the opportunity to play and maybe win a Super Bowl with James. That would make quite a story.

At the end of the day, I don't think the Bills make this move or need to. They signed Damien Harris and Latavious Murray this offseason and with Nyheim Hines already in the mix too, the Bills running back room is set. Dalvin's skill set is the same as his brother's and adding another Cook is redundant and not necessary at this point.

All that to say, ultimately, I'm not against the move but would rather the money be spent on Hopkins. But if the Bills do sign Dalvin, who gets cut? The Bills likely don't keep five running backs come roster cut-down day, so who is on the outs? I would prefer Harris and Murray stay, due to their physicality, which is something that's been missing from the Bills backfield for years.

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