Buffalo Bills: Predicting the 5 highest-rated players in Madden 24

Who are the five Buffalo Bills that will have the highest overall rating in Madden 24?
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills / Jamie Germano/Democrat and Chronicle /
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For the first time the Buffalo Bills are going to have a player on the cover of Madden after it was announced Josh Allen would be on this year's edition. The Bills have been one of the highest rated teams in Madden the past few years and this season should be no different.

The question is who is going to be the top rated players on the Bills? The first player is pretty obviously but it gets a little trickier after Josh Allen.

Predicting the 5 highest-rated Buffalo Bills in Madden 24

Josh Allen

In Madden 23, Josh Allen had a rating of 93 overall and was the third highest rated quarterback behind only Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow. In the past, the cover athlete usually has been one of the highest rated players in the game.

Josh Allen is one of those quarterbacks that would be considered a "cheat code" as he has great mobility but also a perfect rating on throw power at 99. It forces people playing against Allen to make sure he doesn't escape the pocket but also get to him before his wide receivers have a chance to get down field.

This season should be no different and it wouldn't be surprising to see Josh Allen with an overall rating of 97 or 98 and not only be the highest rated player on the Buffalo Bills but also at quarterback.