Buffalo Bills: Predicting 2023 stats for wide receivers

Gabe Davis, Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
Gabe Davis, Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills / Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
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Gabe Davis

When looking at Gabe Davis' stat line for his first season as a starter the numbers don't look too bad as he had 836 receiving yards, an average of 17.4 yards per reception, and seven receiving touchdowns. However, when diving further into the numbers he wasn't very efficient and there will need to be improvements if he hopes to match, or surpass the totals.

Last season, he had a career low catch rate of 51.6% as he had 93 targets but only 48 receptions. Davis would seemingly beat himself at times as he had nine drops and a drop rate of 9.7%.

This season, Gabe Davis is going to have to improve on these numbers and show he is a reliable pass catcher or Josh Allen is going to have to look to other players, like Dalton Kincaid and the targets are going to decrease.

In what is a contract year for Gabe Davis, he will want to have a big season and similar to Stefon Diggs should benefit from the playmakers around him and see a decrease in targets but an overall improvement in his stats.

2023 stat predictions for Gabe Davis: 63 receptions, 89 targets, 905 receiving yards, six receiving touchdowns