Buffalo Bills plummet further in latest AFC power rankings

The Buffalo Bills dropped another embarrassing loss, which led to a big change.
Buffalo Bills
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10. Denver Broncos (4 - 5)

The Denver Broncos have the longest winning streak in the conference, having won three in a row, including wins against the Chiefs and Bills. The Broncos have come a long way since giving up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins. Maybe I could have moved them higher in the rankings but the AFC is tough this season. With several teams winning and sporting winning records. If the Broncos can continue winning, they will certainly earn their way up the top ten.

9. Indianapolis Colts (5 - 5)

The Indianapolis Colts started the season strong but then faltered. However, they rebounded and are now winning again, with the latest wins coming against the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. Not exactly stellar competition but wins are wins and the Colts are keeping themselves in the playoff conversation.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (5 - 4)

The Cincinnati Bengals were on a roll and looked to be getting back on track but then dropped one to the Houston Texans, though it might be time to start showing the Texans a little more respect. More on that later. I fully expect the Bengals to be in the thick of things, as far as playoff wildcards go. Barring a big collapse from the Ravens, I don't think the Bengals will challenge for the division crown but the wildcard is certainly in play.