Buffalo Bills: 5 players shining after first two weeks of 2023 NFL season

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O'Cyrus Torrence - Guard

For all the chatter about Brandon Beane and his second-round misses, I think he hit a grand slam with the selection of Torrence. Two games into his rookie season and he might already be the Bills best offensive lineman and by season's end, may be considered one of the best guards in the NFL. He's been stellar and a rock on the Bills line.

A lot was said about the fact that Torrence didn't give up a sack in high school or college and now, so far, he hasn't given up a sack in the NFL either (knock on wood). PFF graded him 71.8 in pass blocking. He's committed only one penalty, allowed only one QB hit and four total pressures.

Torrence has been a critical piece of a Bills offensive line that has begun to climb PFF's offensive line rankings. PFF ranked them 17th in league, which is considerably higher than years past. I've said for months that the Bills line doesn't necessarily need to be elite but just be solid. I'll take top 15 in the league, and they are close.