Buffalo Bills: 5 players shining after first two weeks of 2023 NFL season

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Christian Benford - Cornerback

Sometimes I don't know what to think of the numbers that Pro Football Focus put out. They have Benford with a coverage grade of 65.2, which I guess isn't terrible by PFF standards but it's far from great. When you look at the stats though, it paints a very different picture.

He's been targeted by opposing quarterbacks six times in 2023 and he's allowed only two receptions and a quarterback rating of 52.1 when thrown at. PFF currently has him ranked as the 29th best corner in the NFL through two weeks. The pass interference call he got last week didn't help his rating; however, after the first week, he was ranked as the 18th best.

I'm excited for this young man and hope he can stay healthy and continue to develop into an excellent number two corner opposite Tre'Davious White. By the way, how impressive was it when he chased Breece Hall down and caught him from behind on Hall's 83 yard run. That hustle saved four points on the score board. Even though the team still lost, I love to see that heart and no quit attitude. Reminded me of when Don Beebe chased Leon Lett down in that Super Bowl.