Buffalo Bills: 10 players who won't be on the roster in 2024

Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills
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Damien Harris won't be on the Buffalo Bills roster in 2024

The Bills added former New England Patriots running back Damien Harris to the roster this offseason on a cheap deal, but he'll get plenty of touches next to Cook this coming season. He and Cook are two very different backs, with Harris being the one who can bang between the tackles and offer more of a goal line, short yardage specialty.

Harris' 1-year deal will prove to be another short-term rental for Buffalo. The former Patriot is also anything but sturdy, which is why the aforementioned Murray could come into play sooner rather than later. Harris' injury history is concerning, to say the least, which could also contribute to the Bills not keeping him around after just one season in Buffalo.

Tyrel Dodson won't be on the Buffalo Bills roster in 2024

This offseason, the Bills saw former starting linebacker Tremaine Edmunds leave via free agency, signing with the Chicago Bears. Immediately following that signing, it looked as though the team could turn to veteran Tyrel Dodson to take over that role. By most accounts, Dodson probably could have done a nice job.

But, the Bills turned around and drafted Tulane linebacker Dorian Williams in the third round this year. Now, Williams is learning Edmunds' old position and could end up being the heir to that spot. If Williams earned the job this offseason, that would once again leave Dodson on the outside looking in at a starting position.

More than likely, Dodson will try and find playing time elsewhere in 2024 as the Bills' starting linebackers will be set without him.