Grading the Buffalo Bills offense in their Week 11 win vs. Jets

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Tight Ends

Both Dalton Kincaid and Quintin Morris were involved in the passing game, as well as contributors in the run game in the trenches. Kincaid was in his usual territory of the 6 catch game for 46 yards. Morris only added on 1 catch for 11 yards off of 2 targets. Kincaid was targeted 7 times, in which he keeps proving that he catches almost if not every catch that comes his way. 

Again, it comes down to Shakir getting the big play on the touchdown pass in the third quarter and the Buffalo defense helping the offense get into great field position where they do not need to make a bunch of big plays. Overall, the tight ends did make the most of their given opportunities.

Grade: B+

Offensive Line

Since their last game against the Jets where the Bills’ offensive line gave up 5 sacks, the guys upfront have done a much better job at protecting Allen and it continued today. Allen was only sacked one time for a 12 yard loss early in the first quarter. However, that sack was more on Allen from holding on to the ball for too long. Aside from that, Allen was never brought down again and was hit only 4 times throughout the game.

The offensive line managed to keep the pressure off of Allen and that is one of the reasons why he was able to be successful in the game.

Grade: B+