Grading Buffalo Bills offense against Denver Broncos in Week 10

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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Wide Receivers

Josh Allen wasn't great against the Denver Broncos but he also didn't get much help from the wide receiver group in the first half. Stefon Diggs led the way with two receptions for 23 yards but it appeared the Broncos focused exclusively on limiting his impact.

This should have opened the field for the other wide receivers but they weren't involved much. Gabe Davis had only one reception for 18 yards on four targets but had two big drops, one of which led to a turnover. These were the only two wide receivers who had a reception for the Bills and they will not be successful if they can't get more people involved.

In the second half, Davis and Khalil Shakir were able to make some bigger plays to help the offense with receptions of 37 and 24 respectively. However, it is not enough to save the grade for this week.

Week 10 Grade: F