Buffalo Bills News and Rumors: Nyheim Hines, Terrel Bernard, Zach Wilson

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Buffalo Bills Rumor: Zach Wilson not expected to be the answer at backup quarterback

This might not be much news but it was reported over the weekend by Zach Rosenblatt of The Athletic that the Buffalo Bills are among three teams that won't pursue a trade for Zach Wilson. The other two teams were the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos.

Wilson was the second overall pick by the New York Jets in the 2021 NFL Draft but during the NFL Combine, general manager Joe Douglas said the team had given Wilson permission to seek a trade. Wilson has started only 33 games over three seasons with the Jets but after the trade for Aaron Rodgers last offseason, his time in New York seemed like it was coming to an end.

There will certainly be teams that are still interested in Zach Wilson as he is a young quarterback that was a high draft pick. However, these are teams desperately looking for an answer at the position and the Buffalo Bills are not one of those teams.

They will be looking for a backup quarterback and in the past have brought in former high draft picks, like Mitchell Trubisky, but that was as a free agent and not in a trade. It wouldn't make sense to trade away picks for a player to be a backup.