Buffalo Bills News and Rumors: Greg Rousseau, Micah Hyde, Von Miller

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Buffalo Bills News: Von Miller put the team first according to Brandon Beane

Von Miller is coming off the worst season of his career as he didn't look like the same player after the ACL injury during the 2022 season. He would finish the season with no sacks and only three QB hits which raised questions about how he factors into this defense in the future.

The Buffalo Bills would have unlikely been able to release Miller because of his contract and the amount of dead cap that would be associated with a move. However, it doesn't seem this was a direction the team wanted to take as it usually takes almost two years to get back to the level a player was before an injury like that.

Fortunately for the Buffalo Bills, Von Miller was willing to re-negotiate his contract and take what amounts to a pay cut by agreeing to less guaranteed money. The new contract drops the base pay from $17.5 million to $8.855 million, which is lower than the $10.71 million he was guaranteed for the upcoming season.

""He put the team first and he wants to win. He has basically said that since the day he got here and to basically cut his guarantee in half. I don't know I have seen a player do that, especially someone that is going to a first ballot Hall of Famer like him so much respect for him.""

Brandon Beane

As Brandon Beane said, for Von Miller to do something like this it is clear that he is committed to the franchise and wants to be with the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully it means big things in 2024 for Miller and the Bills.