Buffalo Bills News: Patrick Mahomes, Matt Milano, Kingsley Jonathan, Injury Updates

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
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Matt Milano continues to prove he is one of the best linebackers

While the Buffalo Bills have been up and down to start the 2023 season, one player who has been consistent over that stretch was linebacker Matt Milano. The former fifth round pick earned his first All-Pro nomination last season and is picking up right where he left off last season.

In fact, Milano is the only player in the NFL who has at least five interceptions and seven tackles for a loss dating back to last season, according to Buffalo Bills PR. He has five interceptions but also 13 tackles for a loss during that stretch.

Milano has an interception in each of the games this season but his streak goes back to last season as he also had an interception in Week 18 against the New England Patriots. However the one against the Raiders might have been the most impressive as he went over the top of the receiver and pulled the ball away from him.

The Buffalo Bills have one of the best defenses in the NFL and Matt Milano is easily the best player on this defense.