Buffalo Bills News: Patrick Mahomes, Matt Milano, Kingsley Jonathan, Injury Updates

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Patrick Mahomes gets a new contract (kind of)

The Buffalo Bills signed Josh Allen to a contract extension prior to the 2021 season that was for six years and $258 million. This season is actually the first year of that contract extension but is already looking like a bargain.

The average salary of just over $43 million ranks ninth among quarterbacks as players like Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson all got huge contracts this offseason. Another quarterback who was in a similar situation was Patrick Mahomes, who signed a 10-year contract the year before Allen's extension.

The Chiefs tried to fix that on Monday by restructuring his contract, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. They moved some of the money around and Mahomes is now set to be paid over $210 million, fully guaranteed, between now and the 2026 season.

It doesn't really change too much outside of giving Mahomes more of his contract now and guarantees it. The Buffalo Bills might find themselves in a similar situation with Josh Allen if contracts for quarterbacks continue to rise as they have.