Buffalo Bills News: Josh Allen, Toronto Maple Leafs, Hall of Fame

Bills quarterback Josh Allen throws short over the middle.
Bills quarterback Josh Allen throws short over the middle. / Jamie Germano / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Versatility was key for the Buffalo Bills offense

Josh Allen had a great game but the offense as a whole played almost perfectly once they got past the three-and-out on the opening drive. The Bills would score points on six of their next seven drives and outscore the Raiders 38-3.

One of the reasons for the success was the balance between the run and pass as they had 37 pass attempts and 35 rush attempts. The Bills finished with an average of 5.2 yards per carry and more importantly, they didn't need Josh Allen to run much with only three rushing attempts.

ESPN's Dan Orlovsky was on One Bills' Live on Tuesday and made an interesting point about the versatility of the offense:

"When you are so talented at the quarterback and at the perimeter, the more you can allow the offensive line to have moments of dictating to the defense, moments of not having to strain as much in pass protection. I just get to watch the ball get snapped and push this guy and it has a cumulative effect."

There is a case to be made here as the Bills offense seemed to get stronger as the game went along. It seemed like they were able to impose their will on the Raiders' defense but also didn't take much from Josh Allen and the passing game.

It was a great balance by Ken Dorsey and the more the Buffalo Bills can do this, the more they can be successful.