Buffalo Bills News: Ed Oliver balling, Tyreek Hill gibberish & almost revolutionary

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Tyreek Hill is spewing gibberish.....again

There aren't many players throughout history that I simply can't wait until they retire. Hill is one of those. It's too bad too, I want to be able to appreciate the talent and the things he does on the field but I can't get past the person and all the talk, always talking.

"I just feel like it's not any different from an away game. They got a great team. I feel like the fan base is just like any other fan base. So it's gonna be just like a normal environment, you know, to us."

Tyreek Hill

Now he's talking again. This time about Bills Mafia, which he commented on shortly after Josh Allen was calling for the Bills fans to rise and be a factor in this weekend's huge matchup. I guess I should appreciate that he said the Bills are a great team, but I don't think Hill can ever say anything complimentary and mean it unless it's about himself.