Buffalo Bills News: Ed Oliver balling, Tyreek Hill gibberish & almost revolutionary

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Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott calls Dolphins offense "almost revolutionary"

Can I just say that this comment makes me laugh a little? I think McDermott was trying to be complimentary but to me it says, it's really good but not quite great. It's almost revolutionary but you didn't quite get there. Bill Walsh's West Coast offense was revolutionary, Buddy Ryan's 46 defense was revolutionary.

To me, what made those schemes revolutionary is that you can plug in players and have some success regardless. I don't see that with Miami's offense. Their offense is what it is because of the speed. This might be the fastest offense in NFL history, I'll give them that and I'll also give props to Tua for managing this scheme very well and being successful within that scheme. Can the Dolphins be beaten with their offense? Yes, and they will this weekend.