Buffalo Bills News: Ed Oliver balling, Tyreek Hill gibberish & almost revolutionary

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The Buffalo Bills are preparing for the biggest game of their young 2023 NFL season. After an impressive 37 - 3 victory over the Washington Commanders, the Bills looked dominant. But all the chatter this week was not about how good the Bills' defense was, instead everyone is talking about the 70 points the Miami Dolphins offense dropped on the Denver Broncos.

First of all, I get it. Anyone that puts up 70 on an NFL defense is impressive but it was the Denver Broncos, maybe the worst team in the league. The Broncos play the Chicago Bears this weekend, so we'll soon find out who the worst team is.

It's fine though, we don't need all the talk and hype. The Bills will go about their business and let the national media chirp all they want about the Dolphins' offense. Heck, even our own coach talked them up, in fact, let's just get right into that and the other Buffalo Bills news.