Buffalo Bills News: Ed Oliver's contract details reveal a bet on himself

Buffalo Bills, Ed Oliver
Buffalo Bills, Ed Oliver / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Since being selected no. 9 overall by the Buffalo Bills back in the 2019 NFL Draft, Ed Oliver's career has seen some highs and lows.

Oliver came out of the University of Houston as one of the draft's top defensive players with freak athleticism for his position, and the Bills thought they got themselves a franchise cornerstone up front.

In four seasons, though, Oliver's weaknesses have been on display, and it's made some fans question whether or not the team would commit to him long-term. Oliver has struggled mightily against the run since entering the league, and his best traits have come in pressuring opposing quarterbacks.

It might have seemed like odd timing, but the Bills did indeed agree with Oliver on a new contract just a few days ago. It was a 4-year deal worth up to $68 million and upward of $45 million guaranteed. That sounds like a lot for a player some fans weren't too sure on, but the details of his contract have been officially revealed, and it's not as bad as some might have thought.

Ed Oliver is betting on himself and his future with the Buffalo Bills based on his new contract details

To begin with, Oliver's fully guaranteed money is roughly $24.5 million. Part of that is a signing bonus worth $14.75 million up front. His base salary for 2023 becomes just over $2 million.

Going into next year is where it gets a little muddy. His base salary for 2024 is $14.75 million, with $7.75 million guaranteed at signing. $7 million of that is guaranteed for injury, but it will become fully guaranteed on the first day of the waiver period.

Oliver's deal has an option bonus for 2024 worth $12.5 million, which if exercised, will bring his 2024 salary down to just $2.25 million.

The remaining details can be found here, but in the end, the moral of this contract seems to be that Oliver could be cut after just one year and the Bills are out minimal money. It's a win for the Bills, and could potentially be a win for Oliver, as well.

The biggest "what if" here becomes whether or not Oliver takes advantage of the money he could potentially earn. If he balls out in 2023, he'll likely be back in 2024. If he balls out in 2024, the same will become true for the following season. This could actually end up working out well for both sides, especially because the Bills have yet to see Oliver's best; at least, that's what many of the fans still believe.

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