Buffalo Bills News: A.J. Epenesa, Tre'Davious White, Bobby Babich

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One day after Brandon Beane met with the media at the NFL league meetings, it was Sean McDermott's turn on Monday during the coaches' breakfast. The Buffalo Bills head coach touched on a wide range of topics from who will be calling plays for the defense, a player who could be stepping into a starting role, and his thoughts on his first-ever draft pick with the team.

Buffalo Bills News: No decision yet on who will call plays on defense in 2024

The Buffalo Bills this offseason officially named Bobby Babich as their defensive coordinator for the upcoming season after not having anyone in that role the previous year. Leslie Frazier left the team during the offseason and McDermott would call the plays on that side of the ball.

On Monday, he was asked if a decision had been made on whether it would be Babich or McDermott calling the plays. He said that at this moment that decision hasn't been made but he was complimentary of Babich:

""No decision on who is calling plays yet but Bobby has done a phenomenal job. He is a go-getter and that was part of the reason for the hire. I am able to oversee it from a 10,000-foot view.""

It will be interesting to see the direction the team takes with that side of the ball but from an optics perspective, the Bills may want to begin the season with Babich calling plays. This creates an opportunity for McDermott to take over if the defense isn't playing well rather than the other way around.