Why the Buffalo Bills need to win out if they are to make the postseason

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Bills rooting guides for the next two weeks

Even though the Bills control their destiny, they still need some teams in the hunt to lose some games to boost their playoff chances. Four teams in the AFC are 8-6 and are fighting for a playoff spot. 

The teams that hold those wildcard spots now are the Browns, Bengals, and Colts. Right below those spots are teams still in the hunt, the Texans and the Bills. Overall, this is a very close race and may come down to the very last week.

Week 16 rooting guide

  • Browns over Texans
  • Falcons over Colts
  • Steelers over Bengals
  • Cowboys over Dolphins

Week 17 rooting guide

  • Jets over Browns
  • Titans over Texans
  • Ravens over Dolphins
  • Raiders over Colts
  • Chiefs over Bengals

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