Buffalo Bills move up in week 14 AFC power rankings after big win

Buffalo Bills
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16. New England Patriots (3 - 10)

The Patriots somehow managed to defeat the Steelers on Thursday night and Bailey Zappe played a solid game, tossing three touchdowns, two of them to Hunter Henry. I strongly considered moving the Patriots out of last in the rankings, but they need to win more than just three games to get out of the cellar.

15. Las Vegas Raiders (5 - 8)

This was the team I considered swapping the Patriots with. Anytime you lose a game 3 - 0, it puts you squarely in the last-place crosshairs. But still, they have five wins and that's two more than the Patriots. So, for now, the Raiders will sit here in 15th, and we'll see how they do Thursday night against the Chargers.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (5 - 8)

I will continue to repeat this every week until it changes, Brandon Staley should not have a job as a head coach. Now, the Chargers will have to finish out the season with Justin Herbert on the sidelines due to a season-ending injury. I guess, the good news for Chargers fans is without Herbert and Staley leading the way, it's unlikely the Chargers win any more games, which means locking in a great draft position in next year's draft.