Buffalo Bills move up in the AFC power rankings after dominant win

Buffalo Bills
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4. Cleveland Browns (2 - 1)

The Browns might not currently be leading the AFC North but so far, they are playing the best football, particularly on the defensive side. This past weekend, Deshaun Watson played extremely well and if he's starting to figure things out again, this team could be tough to beat.

Their two wins were against the Bengals and Titans, with a combined score of 51 - 6 but losing one of the top backs in the league, Nick Chubb, won't be easy to overcome in this division. They signed Kareem Hunt but he's no Chubb.

3. Buffalo Bills (2- 1)

For the second straight week, the Buffalo Bills dominated. The Bills defense is playing lights out right now, after producing five turnovers and nine sacks against the Washington Commanders. The Bills defense is currently ranked second in the league, behind only the Cleveland Browns.

Buffalo has had outstanding defenses in the past, but this year's edition is creating the big plays that Bills' fans have been clamoring for. With a huge matchup coming against the Dolphins, the defense will have to get after Tua but either way, it's going to be an incredible game and an early battle for the number one spot in the AFC East.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2 - 1)

Will the Chiefs take the top spot in our rankings at some point this season? I had them number one in Week One but not since. That's not necessarily because they aren't playing well but they dropped their first one and the Dolphins haven't lost a game yet.

Plus, they just beat up on the Chicago Bears but that's nothing too impressive. The Bears are in contention with the Denver Broncos for the worst team in the NFL. Regardless, beating an NFL team by a score of 41 - 10 is impressive.

1. Miami Dolphins (3 - 0)

I get it, I know they put up 70 points and they are the only undefeated team in the AFC and for those reasons, they retain the top spot. Like I mentioned about the Chiefs dismantling of the Bears, I'll say the same about the Dolphins win over the Broncos. The Broncos are horrendous but scoring 70 points on an NFL defense, no matter how bad they may be, is incredibly impressive. No question, Tua plays within this system beautiful and has perhaps the best group of skill position players in the league around him.

Now, here is where I throw a little shade on the Dolphins. They've beaten the Chargers, terrible defense. They beat the Patriots, terrible offense and the beat the Broncos, terrible team all around. The three teams are a combined 2 - 7. Also, the Chargers and Broncos happen to be the two worst defenses in the league statistically. Maybe that's because they got lit up by the Dolphins or maybe they are just that bad at defense. We're going to find out this weekend when Miami travels to upstate New York and faces off with the Buffalo Bills number two ranked defense.

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