Buffalo Bills move up in the AFC power rankings after dominant win

Buffalo Bills
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8. Indianapolis Colts (2 - 1)

This team was very close to be undefeated right now. They were leading the Jaguars late in that Week One matchup but dropped that one late. Still, this team is playing much better than most, myself included, expected. They defeated Baltimore in overtime, handing the Ravens their first loss of the year. They did this with their backup quarterback, Gardner Minshew.

And let's not forget, one of their best players hasn't been on the field yet. Jonathan Taylor will be returning the lineup soon and he should provide a huge boost to this team that is already playing well. Can they hold on throughout the season and keep hold of the top spot in the division?

7. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 2 - 1)

The more I see of Kenny Pickett, the less I'm convinced he can lead this team; however, they have solid skill position players around him and an attacking defense. T.J. Watt is one of the best defensive players in the league.

The question is, can they maintain their lead in the AFC North? Both the Browns and Ravens are 2 - 1 but the Steelers have the tie-breakers, putting them number one in the division. Plus, the Bengals aren't going anywhere and might still be the best team in the division.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (1 - 2)

The whole AFC North is hard to rank. The Bengals picked up their first win of the season, avoiding that dreaded 0 - 3 start but it didnt' look pretty. I watched the game with the Rams and the Bengals offense simply looked slow and no energy. I'm not sure if that's just because of Joey Burrow's injury of if there is something else wrong.

The Bengals travel to Tennesse this weekend, followed by a road test agains the Cardinals. they have a chance here to get things going again and these are must wins. After these two games, they have games against Seattle, San Francisco and Buffalo, all three will be extremely tough games.

5. Baltimore Ravens (2 - 1)

This is the third consecutive AFC North team ranked together and it's a testemanet to have tough this division is and will be all season long. I have no clue who will win this division, but I picked the Ravens in the preseason. This was their first loss, and it was to the Colts in overtime.

The division will be fun to watch this year as it plays out. Can the Ravens rebound this weekend? Will they be able to hold off the Browns and Bengals? The Steelers currently sit in the top spot but this division can be won by any of the four teams.