Buffalo Bills move up in the AFC power rankings after dominant win

Buffalo Bills
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12. Houston Texans (1 - 2)

What a massive win for the Texans, defeating their division rival Jacksonville Jaguars. Can the Texans build off this win? They have some favorable matchups over the next five games but with the way rookie C.J. Stroud is playing, anything is possible with this team.

The Texans are still battling a number of injuries too along their offensive line and on the defensive side of the ball. If this team can get healthy and the offensive line can get their run game going, this Texans team might challenge for the division title.

11. New England Patriots (1 - 2)

Say what you want about Bill Belichick but I've long said that the Patriots past success was more about Tom Brady than Belichich and so far, he's done nothing to make me think differently. Now, that said, I understand he's trying to win games with Mac Jones, but he could do worse, he could be trying to win with Zach Wilson.

With the way the Jets are floundering now, the Patriots will likely finish third in the AFC but will not be going to the playoffs this season. The real question will be whether the 71 year old Belichick will return for another season to coach this team. Can you imagine he doesn't retire but the Patriots owndership decides to move on and fires him. Would they fire the "legend" Bill Belichick?

10. Los Angeles Chargers (1 - 2)

Here is another team with a miserably terrible defense. At least the Chargers have the offense to keep up with just about any team in the league and that's without Austin Ekeler. Unfortunately, Los Angeles lost one of their star receivers in Mike Williams.

This opens the door for rookie Quentin Johnston though, so we'll get a look at him now. Many draft analyst believed him to be the best receiver in this past draft. He's stepping into a great spot with Herbert as his quarterback and opposite Keenan Allen.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (1 - 2)

Jacksonville started the season with a comeback win against the Indianapolis Colts and we're seeing the Colts are better than initially thought, then they lost to the Chiefs by only eight points. But then were completed dominated by an injury depleted Houston Texans. It seems this team is getting worse with each passing week.

Jacksonville will host the Atlanta Falcons this week and thought the Falcons aren't one of the league's elite teams, they won't be a cake walk either. If the Jaguars dropped their third straight, they might be in trouble going forward but there is still a lot of season left, including four more divisional games.