Buffalo Bills move up in the AFC power rankings after dominant win

Buffalo Bills
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16. Denver Broncos (0 - 3)

Are you serious? The Denver Broncos just gave up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins, only two points from matching the NFL record. Just how bad is this Broncos team? Well, we think they are not only the worst team in the AFC but in the entire NFL. Sean Payton has a lot of work to do still to turn this around but it's not going to happen in 2023.

The Broncos offense is ranked 15th in the league and averaging 23 points per game. Their defense is dead last and allowing an incredible 40.7 points per game. This defense is bad, very bad, likely historically bad. Luckily for the Broncos, they are playing the Chicago Bears this week, in a battle of cellar dwelling teams. Must see TV!

15. Las Vegas Raiders (1 - 2)

I've watched a lot of Raiders football and feel very bad for their fans. As long as Coach McDaniel is leading this team, they will go nowhere. I've long questioned his decisions and this dates back to his days with the Denver Broncos.

Against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Raiders were down by eight and only two minutes left in the game. Kicking a field goal in that situation made zero sense, especially considering how porous the Raiders defense is. The Las Vegas defense is ranked 24th in the league and their offense is also 24th. At least they are consistent.

14. Tennessee Titans (1 - 2)

Deshaun Watson shredded the Titans defense, throwing for 289 yards and two touchdowns and Ryan Tannehill was once again not very good. He completed 13 of 25 pass attempts for a paltry 104 yards. Derek Henry is stuggling too, with 11 carries for only 20 yards. This Titans team does not look good and in my opinion will not be challenging in the AFC South and will not make the playoffs.

At this point, Tennessee might as well Malik Willis a shot and if he flounders, let's see what Will Levis has to offer. Either way, it's time to consider entering a full rebuild for the Titans and maybe they can get something in a trade with Derek Henry. It's not likely they would get much but perhaps a third or fourth round pick at least.

13. New Jersey Jets (1 - 2)

Wow, how quickly things can change for a team that was widely considered the AFC favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Zack Wilson is bad at football, period. There has to be other options on the free agent market. This team can't be any worse with anyone other than Wilson.

With Aaron Rodgers injury, that probably gives Coach Saleh an extra year if the Jets continue to lose but it's going to be a long season. Best case scenario for the Jets at this point is continuing to lose and be in a position in the next year's draft to get a solid rookie quarterback to learn behind Rodgers, assuming he returns from his injury next year.