Buffalo Bills: Most passing touchdowns in one game

Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills
Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills / Peter Brouillet-USA TODAY Sports

Which player currently holds the Buffalo Bills record for most passing touchdowns in a single game?

In 1991, the Buffalo Bills were coming off their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history after losing to the New York Giants by a final score of 20-19. They were hoping to return and got off to a great start that season by winning their first five games.

One of those games was a record setting performance by quarterback Jim Kelly against the Pittsburgh Steelers. These games carried a little more weight for Kelly as he grew up in Pittsburgh before going to play college football at the University of Miami.

The game between the Bills and Steelers was Week 2 that season and Jim Kelly would have a record-setting game with six touchdown passes as he led Buffalo to a 52-34 victory over the Steelers. Surprisingly, it wasn't Andre Reed, who was Jim Kelly's number one wide receiver for most of the time in Buffalo, but Don Beebe.

In this game, Beebe would have four receiving touchdowns on 10 receptions for 112 receiving yards. Beebe was a third round pick by the Buffalo Bills in 1989 and was primarily a backup for most of the six seasons in Buffalo.

He would finish his career with only 23 receiving touchdowns and only have four or more receiving touchdowns in a season three times in his nine year career. This was certainly a memorable game for Beebe who was essentially uncoverable.

As for Jim Kelly, he would end up leading the league in passing touchdowns that season with 33 total and finish runner-up in the MVP voting. However, that award would still end up in Buffalo as Thurman Thomas would be the won to win the award that season.

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