Buffalo Bills: Most 100-yard rushing games in franchise history

Houston Oilers v Buffalo Bills
Houston Oilers v Buffalo Bills / Ronald C. Modra/GettyImages

Which player has the most career 100-yard rushing games in Buffalo Bills history?

The last player in Buffalo Bills history to win an MVP award was Thurman Thomas, when he would win it during the 1991 season. The K-Gun, which was the nickname for the Buffalo Bills offense during their Super Bowl runs, was one of the best in the NFL.

One of the reasons for their success was the versatility that Thurman Thomas had as he was a threat both running the ball as well as a receiver. This was just one of the reasons that defenses were seemingly always off balance and didn't have an answer on how to slow this group down.

The Buffalo Bills selected Thurman Thomas in the second round of the 1988 NFL Draft after he slid down draft boards in part to suffering a knee injury early in his career at Oklahoma State. However, this worked out great for the Buffalo Bills as they would get one of the best players in that year's class even without having a first round pick.

Thurman Thomas would be the Buffalo Bills starting running back for 12 seasons and play in 173 regular season games during that period. He would eclipse 100 rushing yards in 46 of those games, which is five more than O.J. Simpson and still is the most in Buffalo Bills franchise history.

This is a remarkable achievement because it shows longevity at a position that is rarely found. it also highlights how consistent Thomas was in this offense as over 25% of all his games played with the Buffalo Bills would end with him breaking that 100-yard mark. The Buffalo Bills had one of the best offenses in the 1990s and Thurman Thomas was a big reason for that.

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