Buffalo Bills 5 major storylines heading into week 16 matchup with Chargers

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What game plan will Joe Brady bring to the table this weekend?

In Joe Brady's press conference earlier this week, he admitted running the ball as much as they did wasn't the game plan, but James Cook and the offensive line were dominating so much, they stuck with it. Sounds like maybe he learned something here because against the Chiefs two weeks ago, we were asking why Cook only had ten carries and the team went away from the run game in the second half.

The Chargers' run defense is ranked 18th in average per game in the league and their pass defense is 30th in average yards allowed. So perhaps this is a game that Josh Allen goes off for 300 yards and four touchdowns. A big game from Allen in this one could reinsert his name into the MVP conversation too. I said a few weeks ago that if the Bills go on a run and win out, Allen will likely be in the running for MVP.