Buffalo Bills legends: Who is enshrined on the Bills Wall of Fame?

It's been seven years since the last Buffalo Bills player was enshrined in the Bills Wall of Fame. But who is on the Wall?
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If you have been to the stadium or watched a game on television, odds are you've seen some of the names on the Bills Wall of Fame. It's been a while since a new name was added, but we'll get into that in a later article. For now, let's review the criteria, and of course, break down the greats that are already on the Wall. The Bills Wall of Fame was created in 1980 with its first inductee, and since 30 more players, coaches, broadcasters, GMs, and even an athletic trainer have been added.

The Bills Wall of Fame was created to honor the legends of the Bills throughout the team's history. The only criteria, must be retired from the game, and spent at least three seasons with the Bills. Only three times has more than one player been inducted in a given year, and no more than two. The longest streak of consecutive years a player was added is 17 years, from 1992 through 2008, and only five players since then. The majority of the information contained here came from BuffaloBills.com and profootballreference.com.

Three positions are not represented on the Wall, tight end (maybe Pete Metzalaars should be), kicker, and punter. The most of any position is the offensive line, represented by five players, followed by the defensive line with four names (two defensive ends and two defensive tackles). The longest stretch without an enshrinement is seven years and counting. The last player added was in 2017, so this streak is still alive. Other than that, the longest was from the inception of the Wall in 1980 until 1984. Well, there are the numbers, now here are the players on the Bills Wall of Fame, in order of induction.

Here are your Buffalo Bills legends.