Buffalo Bills: Breaking down the impact of Joe Brady in Week 11

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The key for the Buffalo Bills is to take pressure off Josh Allen

The most important thing that Brady did was take pressure off of Josh Allen, letting some other teammates do some of the heavy lifting and letting Allen unleash some passes when his number is called. Handing the ball off to Cook, Murray, and Johnson 30 times and totaling more than 100 rushing yards is the recipe for building a two-dimensional offense, making defenders bite on play-actions to make throws easier for Allen.

The last time Bills' running backs recorded at least 30 rushing attempts was back in Week 2 against the Raiders, another game where Allen played great but also didn't have to do too much. This also allows Allen to perform under center a lot more, which is where he's been very effective throughout the season.

Overall Allen looked more comfortable, seemed in control, and even seemed fired up throughout the whole game, which is something we haven't seen often this season. Allen made many smart and accurate throws and even had highlight throws like his 81-yard touchdown pass to Khalil Shakir, who might deservedly get involved more in the offense.

A lot of this also translates to Brady's energy as well, as there were videos of him in practice running routes and blocking with offensive players. Brady was also shouting and bringing a lot of fire to the practice field, which would most likely help contribute to the Bills players' energy on Sunday night. Brady's goal is to get everyone involved on offense and put Allen in the most comfortable situation, which is something that the offense desperately needs.

So overall, could this offensive explosion with Brady be just a coincidence? Maybe, but there were lots of notable changes and stomped all over a defense that Allen struggled against in week one. 

There's a chance that the Bills could formulate some sort of resurgence and clinch a playoff spot, but with the schedule coming up, they have a lot of work to do. Hopefully, the Bills aren't too late to get back on track, but this dominating win against the Jets is a great way to start.

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