Buffalo Bills: Breaking down the impact of Joe Brady in Week 11

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Could all of this energy be just a coincidence?

Football fans and even some Bills fans believe that the dominant Bills game wasn't solely on Joe Brady, which could be true, but fans can't forget how much the Bills offense struggled against the Jets the first time around. Most fans remembered how much Allen struggled as he threw three interceptions and only one touchdown.

In this past game, Allen flipped the script, throwing three touchdowns to only one interception (a hail mary before halftime). Allen helped the offense score over 30 points, which has been the most points scored out of the offense since week four against the Dolphins.

Then again, this performance could be due to urgency from the Bills players and organization, as they were 5-5 with their backs against the wall and needed a bounce-back game to get back on track. Facing a struggling New York Jets team at home may have given the Bills team some sort of incentive to play with a lot more energy rather than Brady being the source of that.

However, the offense's success could be because Brady changed the playcalling, scheme, and even some notable different play designs. The game plan looked simpler yet unpredictable compared to Dorsey's complex yet vanilla style.