James Cook was the x-factor for the Buffalo Bills’ offense in Week 14

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia will start the week on a high note with a 20-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills are now 7-6 on the season and build up momentum off of their bye week last week. Despite the score being close after the Bills were up 14-0 at one point, Buffalo needed this win and this season has turned into about just winning. No matter what it takes, take the win week by week whether it is by a touchdown or four touchdowns.

After going up 14-0, the Bills’ offense became stale and they struggled from the end of the second quarter and on. They only managed to get two field goals after their second touchdown of the game but it was apparently just enough to squeeze out the win. Even though the offense looked different as compared to their last two games, running back James Cook ended up being the x-factor in the Bills’ offense which ultimately helped them move the chains and keep Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City offense off the field.

Cook would kick off his big day with a 25 yard touchdown reception in which he flipped his way into the end zone. Then he would be a serious contributor both on the ground and in the air. On a limited 10 carry game, Cook still managed to record 58 yards on the ground and add on 5 catches for 83 yards with the touchdown (off of 5 targets).

He was third on the team in terms of targets behind Stefon Diggs and tight end Dalton Kincaid (both who had under 25 receiving yards). When Cook did not have the ball in his hands, the Bills’ offense was very limited. When Cook was on the field, he created the presence that he would be involved somehow and someway. Even though Josh Allen had himself a game with the lack of help around him, Cook was his option and without Cook, who knows if the Bills would have came away with the victory.