Buffalo Bills: Isaiah McKenzie explains Stefon Diggs' emotional antics

Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs / Elsa/GettyImages

Since the season ended, many have wondered what exactly is going on in the mind of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs. For those who watched the final playoff game against Cincinnati, we remember Diggs' emotional outburst on the sideline.

Diggs appeared very upset with quarterback Josh Allen over the lack of him getting the ball, and justifiably so.

Allen would later comment on the situation and remind us all that he and Diggs are competitors, and that Diggs was just being a passionate player and teammate. Allen reiterated that things are fine between the two of them, and anything else would be an overreaction by outside opinions.

This week, former Bills and current Indianapolis Colts receiver Isaiah McKenzie went on the air with NFL media personality, Tyler Dunne, and spoke about his former teammate. Dunne asked McKenzie if Diggs' tweets and some of the things he says are legit, and if he's actually upset about something, or if it's something else.

"It's just Stef trying to get it out, he's just trying to get it out," McKenzie said, referring to Diggs' tweets, as well as his yelling on the field or sidelines at times.

McKenzie compared Diggs' antics to something his fiancé told him: "Sometimes, I just want you to just listen. I'm just talking. I don't even want you to say nothing.

"He will listen. If he feels like he's trippin' and you correct him on it, he will listen ... but most of the time, he's right," McKenzie expanded.

For men who either are or have been in a serious relationship, we can attest to the illustration made by McKenzie. He's spot on, and it might be funny, but it seems to be a very true example. Diggs has and probably always will be an emotional being. He's a passionate player, and that's a good thing.

But, sometimes, passionate players just need an outlet. They have to let out their emotions and express them in ways that don't need a reaction or response. Maybe, us as fans and in the media, tend to overreact to a lot of the things we see in regards to Diggs' tweets and on-field antics.

Should we even call them antics, at this point? Maybe that's also unfair. But, what we can be thankful for in knowing is that Diggs is a Bill, he's a passionate, highly-talented player and committed to winning football games.

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