Which position battle is more important for Buffalo Bills: linebacker or cornerback?

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills’ training camp has featured a lot of position battles in all three phases of the game. The competition has brought out the best leading up to the preseason, but there are still questions to be answered about various positions.

Each position serves as some contribution to the Bills’ success. Some groups are stronger than others, but the ones that are up in the air also have the advantage of seeing the potential that it could bring to the team. 

As the competition continues, there seems to be more clarity with both the linebacker battle and the second cornerback position on the defense. The Bills have had an issue at their second cornerback position for quite sometime now as they have had a rotation without true stability.

In addition, the Bills also have a massive hole at linebacker with the departure of Tremaine Edmunds, when he joined the Chicago Bears in free agency. As a unit since the Sean McDermott era started, the defense has managed to stay as one of the top defensive units across the league. 

With preseason fastly approaching, the Bills are hoping to solidify these positions sooner rather than later. At linebacker, the Bills have players like Tyrel Dodson and Terrel Bernard who could be the ones battling it out for the starting linebacker spot, per Jon Scott. Then at corner, the intense battle between Kaiir Elam, Christian Benford, 

Going into week one, which battle is more important between linebacker and the cornerback positions?

In a passing league, having a great secondary is crucial to be able to defend the pass. Depending on the scheme that a defense runs, coaches will need defensive backs to play man-to-man or learn to solidify their zone in zone coverage. Luckily, the Bills have a lockdown corner in Tre’Davious White and a fantastic duo in centerfield with Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer.

However, even though the Bills need to find an opposite lockdown corner of White, they have been in a continuous rotation at corner and still manage to finish as a top pass defensive unit. 

This is the first time since 2018 that the Bills go into the season without their quarterback of the defense. Someone who can bring the plays into the huddle, learn to audible on the go and help set the tone for the game.

Aside from Matt Milano, the Bills are in a little bit of a situation of trying to figure out who will play alongside Milano. The linebacker competition in the Bills is not only more important against the corner position battle but also the most crucial out of all current training camp competitions.

As the Bills prepare for preseason battle, Bills fans should keep an eye on the linebackers to see who takes control of the defense, sets the tone and figures out the adjustments on the fly.