Buffalo Bills highest Pro Football Focus grades from Cowboys beat down

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Bills top-5 PFF offensive grades from week 15

James Cook - 87.2

What a performance from James Cook. He had 25 carries, 179 rushing yards, and a touchdown. He also added 42 yards receiving and a touchdown with two receptions on three targets. He was the engine that ran the Bills' offense and opposing defenses will have to be aware and game plan, knowing the Bills can win on Cook's legs or Allen's arm.

Spencer Brown - 81.0

Can I just say that I told you so? I've been the conductor on the Spencer Brown train. When so many fans were against him and ready to write him off, I stood firm and backed him. I'm not right very often but this is one I called. Brown has been terrific this season and helped solidify this offensive line. This line is without question the best offensive line Allen has played behind in his career.

Josh Allen - 78.4

If you had told me that Josh Allen was going to throw only 15 passes, completing seven of these, I would have asked if he got injured and assumed the Bills lost. It's a beautiful place when Buffalo shows they can win in the fashion that they did. It's huge down the stretch because opposing defenses have to game plan for both a great run game and passing game. Also, Allen added another game with at least one passing touchdown and rushing touchdown to his career resume. He holds the record for the most such games in a season and is second all-time.

Ty Johnson - 77.7

Ever since Joe Brady took over, Ty Johnson has become an important part of the Bills offense, and a big reason Leonard Fournette remains on the practice squad. Johnson had nine carries for 54 yards, for a 6.0 yards per carry. He also had one reception for four yards. I expect Johnson to continue to be a big part of this offense going forward.

Stefon Diggs - 66.1

Despite the production not being what it was throughout the first half of the season, Stefon Diggs is still an integral part of the offense. Defenses continue to shift coverage to Diggs and double-team him. With the continued emergence of Dalton Kincaid and now a strong running game with James Cook, teams will have to either reconsider how they play defense or continue to get chewed up by the Bills' offensive line and Cook.